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Your first task for this summer is to create a creative timeline of Psychology. You can use any material, computer based or not, to create your timeline.  Past years students have done amazing ones using cardboard

Go on the British Psychological society website HERE


Use the events from their timeline to create yours. You don’t need to include all of BPS’ events in your timeline, and you can also add events from wider research to your timeline if you think they are relevant.

Mental health and COVID 19

A significant part of Psychology’s aim is to study mental health and ways to help people go through and recover from different mental illnesses. It would therefore be a good idea if you could collect articles (online or written ones) about how the pandemic/ lockdown have affected mental health.

When you have enough articles, try to sort them out to see what the root causes of mental health issues are: are the articles mentioning physical/ biological causes, or are they mentioning environmental/ social causes? Or a combination of both?

We will discuss this on the first day back in school.

Online courses

Have a go at completing the course below – you might also discover other courses online that will support your learning

Starting Psychology



There are a number of Psychology related podcasts online – a really good one to start with is ‘all in the mind’, you can search for this on BBC sounds of using a podcast app.