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Year 10 English

Year 10 English Revision Planning

Year 11 Revision

Revision Timetable 2019 'pdf' version

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English Language and Literature GCSE

Exam Board AQA

How will I be assessed?

No controlled assessment – 100% exam.


English Language Paper 1

English Language Paper 2

English Literature Paper 1

English Literature Paper 2

English Language

Reading skills: summary, comparison, language analysis, evaluate, infer, analyse structure, read for meaning. Students need to be familiar with grammatical terminology, parts of speech and literary terminology in order to analyse the texts closely.

Writing skills: writing to entertain and writing to present a point of view, in a particular genre. Students must have a clear understanding of these writing styles and use accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

English Literature

The exams are now ‘closed book’ – which means students will not have a copy of the play, poems or novel in the exam with them. They need to learn key quotes to use in their exam essays.

Students need to know the texts well, including their plot structure, key characters, themes, the historical context that they were written in and be able to analyse how they have been written. They need to know key literary terminology in order to analyse language of the texts successfully.

Revision Resources

We run ‘walking mock’ exams, offering actual exam practice in timed conditions, whilst walking students through the paper, reminding them of the key points of the mark scheme and our top tips.

Download the following:

English Language Walking Mock Paper 1

Language Paper 2 Walking Mock