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Advance Information GCSE

November 2022


As a concession because of the disruption caused from Covid-19, advance information is intended to communicate, ahead of the examinations, the focus of the content of the examinations (or part of the examinations) that will be assessed in the examination papers in the November 2022 examination series only. As stated by DfE, the purpose of advance information is to support revision.

Each awarding organisation has provided advance information on the focus of the content of summer 2022 exams in the majority of subjects at GCSE, AS and A level . 

Exams in November 2022 will have the same adaptations that were in place for Summer 2022

Advance Information can be found here, where no advanced information has been released, the assessment adaptations have been linked:

English Language


 Summer 2023

We have not been made aware of any advance information for Summer 2023 examination series.