wyedean School

Aspire together, Achieve together
Adfecere pariter, Perfecere pariter

Pupil Premium

The Government provides Pupil Premium, in addition to main school funding, to help students from low-income and disadvantaged families to achieve. The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools based on the number of students who have ever been eligible for free school meals over the past six years and children who have been continuously looked after for more than six months.

View or download Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure Report 2016-17

View or download Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure Report 2015-16

Service Premium

The Service Premium is paid to provide additional teaching and learning support for students whose parents are in the Armed Services. Currently September 2015, we have 33 service children on roll.

Overview of the school

At Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre we have high aspirations and ambitions for ALL our students and strive to ensure they are each given the best possible chance of achieving their potential. We are fully aware that students who qualify for the Pupil Premium Grant range enormously, in terms of academic ability and in the nature of support required. In the past two years, we have adopted a much more focused approach to address this spectrum of needs.

We deploy a range of interventions for all year groups that combine challenge and support, with a view to maximising progress. In order to measure impact, these interventions are monitored regularly and adapted accordingly. As a result, the interventions are having an impact in terms of 'closing the gap' and improving the performances and wellbeing of students in receipt of Pupil and Service Premium. Whilst we are pleased with the results in many areas, we are also aware that work still needs to be done to address extant gaps in other areas. We will work hard to close these gaps further.