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Y9 students will be sitting a Science Paper

Year 9

During the week beginning 6/05/2019 all Y9 students will be sitting a Science Paper to assess their scientific competency. This paper will examine students' understanding of scientific procedures such as experimental work, data analysis and evaluation of data and methodology. There is no real assessment of scientific facts, and as such we would not expect students to become stressed and think they must revise the entirety of KS3.
Students should look at practical work and the "Working Scientifically" aspects of their work. KS3 bitesize is also a good resource.
I would encourage students to review this type of work and not focus on learning science fact.
This assessment is important in that it will be used to guide setting for Y10, but it is by no means the only criterion we will use.

Year 10

The year 10 Science mock examinations approaching will consist of three papers, Biology and Chemistry to be sat in G15 as timetabled and a Physics paper to be completed in class. Topics are as follows:
Topics 1–4: Cell biology; Organisation; Infection and Response; and Bioenergetics.
Topics 1–5: Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table; Bonding, Structure, and the Properties of Matter; Quantitative Chemistry, Chemical Changes; and Energy Changes.
Topics 1-4: Energy; Electricity; Particle Model of Matter; and Atomic structure.
Mr Greenslade
Sciences Learning Area Lead & Acting IB Coordinator