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GCSE 2018 press release

Wyedean School GCSE 2018 – Press Release

Strong performance from Wyedean students in first full year of tougher new GCSEs in England

Wyedean School is celebrating another strong set of GCSE results this August as students receive their GCSE results this morning following the introduction of tougher GCSE qualifications and a new numerical grading system in England. The number of students receiving the Standard Pass of Grade 4 in five subjects (equivalent to grade C under the old system) including English and Maths is 61%. The number of students who have astonishingly achieved a Grade 9, equivalent to A** is 14% and the number of students to achieve Grades 7-9 (equivalent to A-A**) is 25% of the year group. A significant number of these higher grades were in either French or Spanish and demonstrates the strength of MFL and the school commitment to MFL at KS4 and 5. Art results were also very impressive with 42.8% grades 7-9,  31% grades 8-9 and 17% grade 9 which highlights the school’s strong ethos of supporting the arts and creativity. These results underline the significant overall increase in grades across all subjects for More Able students in general in these 2018 results. The key DfE and OfSTED indicator of school performance and a school doing well, the Progress 8 grade, is also in the positive from these results. The strong A Level and BTEC results last week, echoes the findings of the January 2018 OfSTED praising the education, wider curriculum and outcomes of Wyedean School and the significant improvement of the school.

Wyedean School Sixth Form has seen a record number of over applications to Year 12 to start the Sixth Form in September coming from within the school, across Monmouthshire, the Forest of Dean and even international students to study a wide range of A Levels and BTECs.

Head of Year 11, Claire Rush, said how proud she is of her year group and what a fantastic group of young people to take through Wyedean over the last five years. Senior Vice Principal, Gwennan Jeremiah said, “This strong performance is a very positive picture for the school especially given the back drop of the implementation of the GCSE changes in England. There is so much to be proud and positive about these with results and what it means for our students after their hard work across all subjects”. Principal, Rob Ford said, “Along with all colleagues, schools, parents and young people across the country, we have spent the last couple of years getting on with managing a huge number of significant changes both in A Level, BTEC and GCSEs. This includes students under increased pressure to perform in exam halls at the end of two years and a significant increase in the number of hours of exams taken.  It is testament to the resilience of our remarkable young people how well they have coped and their achievements this summer allows them to take the next significant step in their lives. We are so proud of all of them and the data does not begin to show the journey, ambition and experience of every individual Year 11”.

Rob Ford                                                                                                                  Andy Lord

Principal                                                                                                                    Chair of Governors