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Wyedean is an academic & nurturing global school committed to
World Class C21st learning for all. We aim to turn dreams into futures.


 WYEDEAN GOVERNORS – September 2017

The Governors of Wyedean School are proud of the opportunities offered to our young people to develop the values and skills essential for their future. We are determined to appoint highly dedicated teachers to the staff who have the interest of every student at heart.  It is our wish that all students achieve their full potential with academic qualifications whilst developing the personal qualities of initiative and self-confidence.   Parents and staff are represented on the Governing Body, working closely with the Principal and Leadership Team to set the aims and targets for the school and provide a broad and balanced curriculum. We recognise that support at home is an essential part of learning for young people and we are always ready to receive the views of parents and hope some can consider standing for election as Parent Governors when the situation arises.  You are assured of a warm and friendly welcome when visiting the school.  You can contact any member of the Governing Body via the Governor Support Officer:


Our Vision

The pursuit of excellence in all of the school’s activities is demonstrated by an uncompromising and highly successful drive to strongly improve, or maintain, the highest levels of achievement and personal development for all students over a sustained period of time.

All leaders and managers, including those responsible for governance, are highly ambitious for the students and lead by example. They base their actions on a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s performance, and of the staff and students’ skills and attributes.

Andy Lord Chair of Governors

Latest News

In celebration of Volunteers' Week the National Governance Association, the Association of School and College Leaders and the National Association of Head Teachers have published a joint letter to thank school governors and trustees for their remarkable contribution to education. Please click HERE to read this letter.

We are fortunate to have such committed and hard working governors @WyedeanSchool who believe in our community and the transformative power of education for our young people. Challenge and support of the school as we continue to work towards a high performing global school.

  Governors’ Responsibilities

School governors make important collective decisions and the Governing Body is responsible to parents and the community. The Governing Body should:


Members of the Governing Body

The Governing Body membership is drawn from groups who have an interest in the school. Terms of office are normally four years (excluding the Principal).  Provided they are eligible, a governor may serve again. Below are details of the members who have served on the Governing Body over the last 12 months.




(appointed by Governing Body)

Date of Appointment

Alan Henderson


Andrew Walsh


Andy Lord (Chair)


Lesley Moore


Mark Leeming


Maggie Thomas











08/12/15 - 11/17


(elected by parents)

Robin Macharg


Sarah Mclellan


Victoria Obermier


Paul Stephens


Jenny Stephenson







01/03/14 - 04/09/17


01/12/15 - 02/05/17

Principal - Rob Ford 01/09/15


(elected by staff)

Gareth Creed


Gaynor Goodman


Sarah Phillips






Co-opted (appointed by the Governing Body -

Bryan Roberts




The Governing Body has a number of sub-committees. The committees meet at least termly. All governors are members of at least one committee.  In addition, some staff attend on an advisory basis.  The Committees are:


Partnership and Wellbeing (P&W)

 Chair:              Alan Henderson

Members:    Gareth Creed, Robin Macharg, Sarah Mclellan (Vice Chair), Lesley Moore, School Council Representative/s

Staff:              Sarah Dalton, John Lane and Martin Jenkins



Chair:              Bryan Roberts

Members:    Rob Ford, Robin Macharg, Sarah Mclellan, Sarah Phillips, Maggie Thomas, Andrew Walsh

Staff:              Jodie Howells



Chair:              Andrew Walsh

Members:    Gareth Creed, Rob Ford, Gaynor Goodman, Alan Henderson (Vice Chair), Mark Leeming, Bryan Roberts

Staff:              Jodie Howells



Chair:              Sarah Mclellan

Members:    Rob Ford, Alan Henderson, Andy Lord, Bryan Roberts, Andrew Walsh

Staff:              Jodie Howells, Gwennan Jeremiah, Martin Jenkins,


Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA)

Chair:              Victoria Obermaier

Members:    Gaynor Goodman (Vice Chair), Andy Lord, Mark Leeming, Lesley Moore

Staff:              John Lane, Gwennan Jeremiah, Carina Smith, Sarah Wilson


Link Governors 2016-17

Year Links




Year 7

Year 8

Year 9





Year 10

Year 11


Alan Henderson


Sixth Form

Year 12

Year 13


Lesley Moore

 Learning Area Links


English Victoria Obermaier
Maths Andy Lord

Creative Subjects




Mark Leeming



Alan Henderson

Social Studies

Health and Social Care



Religious Studies



Sarah Mclellan

Applied Learning

Technology and Business

Business Studies

Design Technology


Media Studies

Robin Macharg


Area Links

Support Staff - Andrew Walsh

Parent Forum - Sarah Mclellan

Raising Standards (incorporating SEN & Pupil Premium) - Victoria Obermaier

Website - Robin Macharg


To view Governors' attendance at meetings please click the link below:

Governor attendance 2016-2017