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Wyedean is an academic & nurturing global school committed to
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Teaching and Learning


In terms of teaching and learning, our focus is firmly on building on the recent cultural shift in our approach to developing excellence.

The 2016 White Paper ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ makes a number of specific references to the development of an evidence-informed teaching profession, including ensuring Initial Teacher Education and subsequent Continuing Professional Development is evidence-based, and increasing teachers’ access to high quality evidence. Although evidence-based practice has its complexities, teachers should be able to make use of the evidence available to enable them to make better decisions. Putting Wyedean School at the forefront of this agenda means we will be at the cutting edge of what is required of us.

A core part of this cultural shift is our lesson study programme. This collaborative approach to lesson planning and observation is enabling our staff to become more open and reflective in their discussions, and the focus on improving teaching and learning through a non-judgemental approach to lesson observation is helping to address the negativity that previously surrounded the observation process. The lesson study framework is rigorous, enabling staff to work together to, in the words of Dylan Wiliam, “improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better”.

This academic year, our focus for teaching and learning will be on high expectations for all. We look forward to continuing our investigations, and sharing our findings. “Anything you ask teachers to do just for the sake of accountability is time that cannot be spent doing something more worthwhile. Although setting up a surplus model and trusting teachers to make the most of the support we provide and be the best they can be is scary, it’s the only way a school can be truly great.” (David Didau).