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The ethos of the Sciences is to foster an understanding of how science influences the world around us, both in terms of what happens inside the body and in our surroundings and in terms of how science and technology impacts on society and our lives. As well as teaching the theoretical aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, we also focus on developing the practical, analytical and evaluative skills that students will need to use in their everyday lives.

Key Stage 3

Students follow the Science Works KS3 specification incorporating Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course features a wide variety of science topics and wherever possible, practical activities are used to illustrate or explore key concepts. There is also a focus on improving students' appreciation of how scientists work and how science and technology influences our lives.

Key Stage 4

Depending on their set, students will either follow a Triple Science separate GCSE's, or a Core Science GCSE and Additional Applied Science GCSE course. Triple Award is academically focused and will allow progression to A Level Sciences. Core Science focuses on science and society and Additional Applied Science focuses on science in the workplace. These allow progression to a BTEC course.

Key Stage 5

The three traditional A levels of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered and are stringent academic subjects. These will allow progress to scientific degree courses at University level. There is also a BTEC National Level 3 course in Applied Science which is also accepted in UCAS applications and can lead to vocational science courses.

Extra Curricular

Physics students visit the Severn Bridge as part of their coursework requirement. Biology students undertake an ecology field trip to support work complete in class and enhance their data collection and analysis skills. Biology will run research groups to allow students to explore the subject less formally.