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Languages 2018-19

At Wyedean, all students learn one modern foreign language, Spanish or French from Year 7 and this alternates each year. At GCSE a large number of students continue with at least one language and there is the option to study a second language "fast track" at GCSE if students have shown linguistic ability. Following a course in a Modern Foreign Language encourages students to derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning, and be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. Learners should recognise that their linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills help them to take their place in a multilingual global society and also provide them with a suitable basis for further study and practical use of the language. The study of Modern Foreign Languages prepares learners to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

Key Stage 3

Spanish is currently taught from Year 7 and French from Year 8. This alternates each year. Students have the opportunity to opt for a second language in year 10 (fast track GCSE) if they have shown linguistic ability in KS3. All language courses are supported and supplemented by authentic material, magazines, videos, websites, song and teacher-generated worksheets. During the first three years of learning French or Spanish, students will cover both essential language learning skills. The aim of the Modern Languages faculty is to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where students learn to communicate effectively and confidently in the foreign language. Cultural context and awareness is an integral and essential part of the language, and Year 8/9 French students have the opportunity to visit France in a residential visit, whilst Year 9 Spanish students take part in the Spanish trip to Madrid in July. Year 10/11 Spanish students have just returned from the GCSE Spanish trip to Barcelona. We also conduct activities to celebrate European Day of Languages.

Key Stage 4

GCSE (AQA) in French and Spanish is currently offered at Key Stage 4 and we use the following course books:

Key Stage 5

We currently offer French and Spanish at Key Stage 5. The aim of the A Level Language course is to give students the opportunity to develop an interest in language learning and to develop understanding of the language in a variety of contexts and genres. They will be able to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in the language for a range of purposes and develop awareness and understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of countries or communities where the language is spoken. 

We use the AQA exam board for our Key Stage 5 courses and follow the Hodder coursebooks for both languages. 

Year 12 Summer Holiday Transition Work:


Spanish: LINK 

French: LINK

Please ensure that this is completed and handed in on your first lesson back in September. Thank you.


Extra Curricular

We love to celebrate languages and cultural diversity at Wyedean. Every year we celebrate European Day of Languages on the 26th September by holding a Languages Cafe where students can come and taste food from Spain, France and Germany. We have also had a Spanish Flamenco workshop, where students had the opportunity to learn some Flamenco dance moves and understand more about Spanish Culture. Students at Wyedean are also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take part in two, popular residential Languages Trips; one of the trips is to St Omer, France. During this excursion, students visit a French bakery and chocolate factory where they are able to taste freshly made items. They also take part in crepe making and there is even a treasure hunt in French, around the local village.




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