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The History department aims to create an interest in History through the delivery of challenging and enjoyable lessons. We want History to fire our students’ curiosity and imagination, inspiring them through the dilemmas’ choices and beliefs of people in the past. We will help students develop skills of enquiry, evaluation, analysis, interpretation and of reaching substantiated judgements. We want to foster an understanding of the history of the local area and encourage students to appreciate the histories of other people and countries as well as to promote toleration of other cultures and values.

We aim to maximise student life chances by assisting them in developing transferable skills which are valued by employers and higher education. Our GCSE and A-level qualifications were chosen to complement each other so that A-level students can build on the knowledge and skills gained at GCSE. The content of our chosen courses was more engaging for our students and more relevant to their experiences whilst still providing stretch and challenge.


Key Stage 3

Year 7 study historical skills, medieval life and the Romans. Year 8 examine the Tudors, the industrial revolution, slavery and empire. Year 9 study World War I and World War II. Students develop skills of causation, judgement and source evaluation. They also complete enquiries on aspects of local history.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE students follow the AQA History syllabus (8145). They sit two exams of 2 hour in Y11 which make up 100% of their grade. Each paper is worth 50% and there is no coursework. Students study Germany, 1890-1945 and Conflict and Tension, 1918-39. Both of these topics are examined on Paper 1, Option B. They also study Health and the People, 1000 – present day and the Normans. Both of these topics are examined on Paper 2, Option A.

GCSE History

There are many resources available on the Moodle GCSE History page to support revision:

Key Stage 5

At A-level students study the AQA syllabus (7042), Option 1C and 2O. They sit two exams of 2 hours 30 minutes in Y13. Each exam is worth 40% of the final grade. There is one piece of coursework which is completed in Y13 and is in the form of an essay of 3500 words on the Russian Revolution of February 1917. This is worth 20% of the final mark. Option 1C is the breadth study and is on the Tudors, 1485-1603. Option 2O is the depth study and covers Germany 1918-45.

7041 - 7042 specification at a glance

There are many resources available on the Moodle A-level History page to support revision:


The History department aims to have a trip or visit for each year group which enhances and consolidates their learning. Year 7 students visit Chepstow Castle. In Year 8 students go to Big Pit. In Year 9 a visiting speaker gives a talk on trench warfare.  GCSE students will have the opportunity to go on a trip related to part of their course. Sixth Form students are offered a trip to Auschwitz and Krakow.