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Health and Social Care

Statements of Intent:

Key Stage 3

Neither Health and Social Care or Child Development are currently offered at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4

Students will follow the Edexcel GCSE Child Development Syllabus.

Key Stage 5

Students can opt to follow the AQA syllabus to either or both AS and A2. Students will develop research skills, evaluation and problem solving skills through the portfolio elements and independent study requirements. The students will submit 3 portfolios for AS and 1 portfolio or exams at A2 which will be chosen from a list of available topics.

Health Social Care Transition Project 2020

Extra Curricular

Typically, students of Health and Social Care will complete some work experience alongside their academic studies; visits to health and community organisations, industries or businesses to gain some practical experience of the skills, techniques, processes and equipment used; students will find out about what people do at work and have discussions with care professionals and service users.