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Food and Nutrition

Statements of Intent:

Why do we eat food? ... Just as a power station requires gas or coal to power its turbines and generate energy, so we need fuel – in the form of food– to power our continued existence. The foods we eat provide us with a range of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, water, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, and protein. Choices helps us maintain a healthy weight, is essential in human physical development and helps combat illness and disease. A good diet is also important for concentration and mental health and wellbeing. Feeding ourselves on a budget is an essential ‘life-skill’, as is the importance of minimising food waste. Food production and distribution is vital to our economy. A commitment to food science and technology is advancing the science of food, ensuring a safe and abundant food supply of locally sourced ingredients for a growing population.

Our overarching concepts for Food and Nutrition are:

Our Statement Hospitality

According to the British Hospitality Association, hospitality and catering is Britain’s fourth largest industry and accounts for around 10% of the total workforce. Since 2010, over 25% of all new jobs have been within the hospitality and catering sector with the majority of new roles falling within the 18-24 age groups. The ability to plan, prepare and present food is an essential skill within the hospitality and catering industry. Our Hospitality and Catering qualification equips learners with theoretical knowledge about the industry as well as enabling them to develop practical skills in planning, preparing and cooking a variety of dishes. 

The national curriculum for Food and Nutrition aims to ensure that all students:


Our students:

Across their lessons our students will be learning practical skills and theory of functions of ingredients, science of foods, food safety, science, choices and food provenance.

Students will create a variety of savoury recipes with some sweet treats.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Food is taught within Design & Technology (D&T). Aspects of food, health and diet are covered as part of students' Personal, Social, Heath and Economic Education (PSHEE). Food and Nutrition is a very exciting, creative and interesting subject to learn.

Year 7

 Plus seasonal 




Year 8


Plus seasonal 



Year 9

Plus seasonal 




Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we are currently offering two courses, please read below for further details.

WJEC Hospitality and Catering Level 1 and 2

Hospitality and Catering Level 1 and 2 is a theory and practical based subject. It is broken down into two units.

Unit 1 is an external examination completed at the end of Year 10 and studies the following;

LO1 Understand the environment in which Hospitality and Catering operates

LO2 Understand how Hospitality and Catering provisions operate

LO3 Understand how Hospitality and Catering provision meets Health and Safety requirements

LO4 Know how food can cause ill health

Unit 2 -Hospitality and Catering in Action is a theory and practical based assessment. Students will be studying the importance of nutrients in our diets, planning and making their dishes for the assessment and evaluating in detail afterwards.


GCSE Food, Preparation and Nutrition

AQA Food, Preparation and Nutrition is a new course for September 2019. This course is a mixture of food technology and science. The course is 50% course work now called NEA (Non-Exam Assessment) and is broken down into 2 sections. At the end of Year 11 there is a written exam which is the final 50% of the course and is testing the students knowledge of the following topics;

Topic 1- Practical skills

Topic 2- Food, Nutrition and Health

Topic 3- Food Science

Topic 4- Food Safety

Topic 5- Food Choice

Topic 6- Food provenance

NEA 1- Food Investigation 15%

NEA 2 Food Preparation Assessment 35%

Below are examples of the quality of the dishes, using a variety of different skills and presentation techniques.







Final Exam 50%

The exam will be based on the course content and skills


Key Stage 5

BTEC Level 3 Technical Level in Food and Beverage Supervision

This qualification is for you if you want to enter a career within the hospitality industry in a front- of -house role, particularly if you wish to progress into a senior role managing front of house staff and its operations.

The qualification consists of three external examinations and assignments. See below for the breakdown of the units.

Unit 1- Exploring Gastronomy

Unit 2- Supervision of Safety in Hospitality- Exam

Unit 3- Leadership and Supervision in Hospitality – Exam

Unit 4- Principles of Food and Beverage Service Supervision- Exam

Unit 5- Food and Beverage Business Operations

Unit 6- Restaurant Reception Supervision

Unit 7- Planning and Delivering Hospitality Events


As part of the qualification students will work shifts in the café for experience in a hospitality environment, building their confidence, knowledge and customer service skills which link to their units above.

The Big Bean Café

The Big Bean is located in the Sixth Form common room and run by our Level 3 apprentice Kieran and KS5 students. It is open daily for use of Sixth Form students, staff and visitors.

This is a great experience for students to learn hands on about the Hospitality catering, the learning also links to their course and examination.

As part of their course pupils will gain Level 2 Hygiene and Safety certificate.

Further Study and Careers

Partnership Working

Our subject is very relevant one and we therefore constantly look for opportunities to link with the outside world.

We have links with Yeo Valley, Riverford, Soil Association, Vegware, Celtic Manor, University of South Wales, and Newport Gwent Dragons.

We work hard to build and retain strong links with our local and wider community. This involves working with the community with our Kitchen Gardens, and Rocket Digester. We offer Farm visits have external speakers from Industry.  We hold a number of  food festivals at events such the Creativity Fayre.

Teachers on the team have moderated and examined for various examination boards which enables the team to give our GCSE and A-level students the best possible preparation for their exams and coursework.