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Adfecere pariter, Perfecere pariter

Food and Nutrition

We have a purpose built Food Technology room, which is very well-equipped and attractive and comfortable place for students in which to work. We believe Food is an important subject, of everyday importance to people and a necessity in life. Areas covered in projects include Healthy Fast Food,Fruit and Vegetables & Baking, health and safety, safe use of equipment and principles of healthy eating.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Food is taught within Design & Technology (D&T) and is also part of the Flexible Learning curriculum. Aspects of food, health and diet are covered as part of students' Personal, Social, Heath and Economic Education (PSHEE). Food Technology is a very exciting, creative and interesting subject to study. There is much to learn but most of this will involve learning by doing.

Key Stage 4

The specification is designed to give an opportunity to extend and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition within a variety of contexts. It provides opportunities to develop critical thinking and to manage a range of resources in order to develop food items which are suited to the needs of individuals or families, and to recognise the influence of current trends.

Key Stage 5

Food is not only an excellent subject choice but it is a vital life skill. We offer the opportunity to study the subject in a contemporary changing & multi-cultural society. Home Economics is a subject that will help you develop an understanding of the issues that affect the individuals, households and families. For example the reasons for the changes in the availability and supply of ingredients.

Extra Curricular

The Food Technology Department runs several Cookery Clubs throughout the year, to enrich the learning of students. These have included The Rotary Club, Young Chef Competition, and Saturday Workshops, activities supporting School Fairs and music and sporting events. We are also support a range of extra-curricular activities, including within Citizenship to support the local community.