wyedean School

Aspire together, Achieve together
Adfecere pariter, Perfecere pariter

Design and Technology

Design and Technology prepares students to participate in tomorrow's rapidly changing technologies. The creative and technical skills taught are in great demand in the wealth creating design and engineering sectors of industry. It is now part of the Applied Learning Area and in common with the other subjects in that area (ICT, Media, DT and Food), it is a very relevant and up-to-date subject that really helps to equip students for the world beyond Wyedean.

Key Stage 3

Students learn to design and make products in wood, metal and plastic. They evaluate everyday objects and judge their aesthetic, technical and social worth. Students design their own products and represent them graphically in 3D using colour. Projects include a wooden toy, dancing jitterbug and a clock. There are team competitions to make machines which catch, throw or fly.

Key Stage 4

The exam is divided into three areas. Coursework is 60%, half for a design project in year 10 and half for a practical project in year 11. The theory paper is worth 40% and is taught throughout the course. Students need to know the properties of materials and why they have been used in common products. They must understand methods of production in a school workshop and in industry.

Key Stage 5

The exam is 50% coursework and 50% theory. In year 12 students design and make a lamp in the style of a major manufacturer eg Apple. The exam questions understanding of industrial practices, the history of design and moral and cultural issues. Some questions require advanced product analysis skills. In year 13 students visit a primary school and design seating suitable for that context.

Extra Curricular

The DT workshops are often busy at lunchtime. Enthusiastic students keen to finish their work ask for extra time. This is useful to those in exam classes wanting to increase their grade. Students have made stalls for the summer fete and supported primary school children making musical instruments. Past students, now in design and engineering have visited and talked about their work to year 9.