wyedean School

Aspire Together, Achieve Together

Wyedean is an academic & nurturing global school committed to
World Class C21st learning for all. We aim to turn dreams into futures.


Teaching Staff 01/09/19


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Name Position
Jenny Anderson Teacher of English
Rachel Barbato Teacher of Humanities
Paula Bartlett Teacher of English
Sam Bishop Assistant Director of Sixth Form / Teacher of Design Technology
Mark Brooks 2i/c Applied Learning Area / Teacher of Business
Gemma Bush Teacher of Religious Studies
Alison Buss 1i/c Applied Learning Area / Teacher of Computer Science and ICT
Sandra Carnegie Teacher of Maths
Natalya Cavaciuti Teacher of MFL
Angharad Churches Lead Teacher of Media Studies / Stretch and Challenge Coordinator
Helena Cleverley Teacher of Maths
Jodie Coggins 3i/c Applied Learning Area
Jane Collins 2 i/c Creative Learning Area / Teacher of Art
Phil Conridge 1 i/c Social Studies Learning Area / Teacher of Geography
Janine Cooper Teacher of Art and Photography
Laura Crum Head of Year 7 / Teacher of Religious Studies
Sarah Dalton Assistant Principal: Pastoral and Transition / Teacher of Humanities / DLS Lead
Neil Davies 1 i/c Creative Learning Area /  Teacher of Art, Graphics and Photography
Katya Delahay Head of Year 9 / Teacher of English
James Didcote Head of PE / Teacher of IT
Lee Durbin Teacher of Maths
Robin Durston 2 i/c Science Learning Area / Teacher of Science and Biology
Vicky Durston Teacher of Geography
Emma Dwyer Teacher of MFL
Lydia Eykelestam Teacher of Art
Nic Fudge Teacher of Science and Chemistry
Ben Gibson Teacher of Design Technology
Luana Godwin Teacher of Music
Gaynor Goodman Teacher of Maths
Sara Greener Teacher of Drama and Sociology / ITT  Coordinator
Andrea Greenslade Lead Teacher of Politics and  Teacher of History
Gary Greenslade 1 i/c Science Learning Area / Teacher of Science and Biology
Marie Groucott Head of Year 11 / Teacher of Design Technology and ICT
Sophie Hannah 2 i/c English Learning Area
Caren Hayward Lead Teacher of Psychology
Gwennan Jeremiah Principal
Anna Jones Head of Year 10 / Lead Teacher of Religious Studies
Charlotte Jones Teacher of Maths
Chris Jones Teacher of Science and Physics
Simon Jones Head of Year 8 / Teacher of Drama
Lucy Keyworth Teacher of PE
Johnathan Lane Assistant Principal / Director of Sixth Form
David Lloyd Teacher of Science and Physics
James Male Teacher of Maths
Natasha Matthews Teacher of  MFL
Melanie McGrath Teacher of Maths
James McManus 3 i/c Science Learning Area
Lucy McManus 1 i/c English Learning Area
Tom Meechan Teacher of Maths
Louise Morgan Teacher of PE and Child Development
Ben Moss 1 i/c Maths Learning Area
Clarisse Olivier Lead Teacher of Sociology / Teacher of Psychology and Health and Social Care
Sabrina Ortner-Deuchar 3 i/c English Learning Area / Teacher of Latin
Pamela Pearson Teacher of Science and Chemistry
Melissa Perry 2 i/c Social Studies Learning Area / Teacher of History
Matthew Pilling Head of Careers / Teacher of Business Studies and ICT
James Ractliffe Teacher of PE
Kevin Reynolds Teacher of Computer Science
Lucy Roberts Head of Classics and Latin / Teacher of English
Lucy Rogerson Teacher of Sociology
Natasha Rossiter 2 i/c Maths Learning Area
Paul Rowe Teacher of English
Tom Rugg Teacher of Science
Claire Rush Deputy Head of PE
Rebecca Simpson Director of Languages and Global Learning
Julie Smith Director of Teaching and Learning / Teacher of English
Louisa Steel Head of Vocational Learning / Teacher of Business and ICT
Molly Stephens Teacher of MFL
Cari Sullivan SENDCo / Teacher of Health and Social Care
David Thomas Vice Principal:Pastoral / Teacher of PE / Deputy DSL
Louise Trotman Lead Teacher of Computer Science
Emma Williams Assistant Principal: Academic / Director of Raising Standards / Teacher of Computer Science and ICT
Clarissa Yeh Teacher of Physics


Support Staff 01/09/19


Student Support (Sixth Form)‚Äč



Nic Andrzejuk Main Office Admin Assistant
Julie Baker Catering Assistant
Kieran Baskerville Café Apprentice
Kevin Beddis Minibus Driver
Sally Birbeck Cleaner
Jamie Blake Intervention Mentor
Sally Broom Finance Manager
Rosanna Brown Catering Assistant
Steve Brown Operations Manager
Chris Bryant ICT Technician
Daniel Carnegie 1:1 Learning Mentor
Julie Carver HLTA 
Piera Cassettari Governor Support Officer
Rex Cooper Minibus Driver
Steve Davis Caretaker
Melanie Dex-Davies Executive Officer
Bianca Dowd Learning Mentor
David Drummey Caretaker
Maureen Farrell HLTA
Rhys Fowler Caretaker
Angela Friel Learning Resource Centre  Manager
Ken Gabb Design Technician
Kaylie Guy Intervention Mentor
Gemma Hackman DT Technician
Kate Heaton Exams Officer
Jodie Howells Vice Principal: Finance and Business
Suzanne Howells Exams Manager
Vicki Hurst Student Support Emotional Well-being Coach & PEP Co-ordinator
Diane Isles Cleaner
Stacey Jenkins Pastoral Support Mentor
Sue Johnson Food Technician 
Lisa Jones Data Protection Officer / Data Officer
Sharon Jones Midday Supervisor 
Liz Kayll

Art Technician / Artist in Residence

Emma-Louise Kedward Learning Mentor
Wendy Lee Finance Assistant
Tania Liddington Catering Assistant
Tracey Long Intervention Mentor
Katie Macer-Wright Science Technician
Anita Maybourne Assistant Catering Supervisor
Michelle Mayo Head Cook
Sarah McDermott Senior Science Technician
Les McGinty Senior ICT Technician
Kath McRoberts Finance Assistant
Aruna Mills Community Co-ordinator
Lorraine Morgan Data Manager
Jill Peebles Catering Manager
Tracey Pilling Learning Supervisor
Susan Pow HLTA
Tina Powell Catering Assistant
Steven Robinson Science Technician
Hannah Searle Student Support (Sixth Form)
Barbara Smith Cleaner  Supervisor
Sandra Sopp Attendance Officer
Ann Stacey Main Office Admin Assistant
Liz Thomas 1:1 Learning Mentor
Maureen Stephens Student Support (Sixth Form)
Lisa Thomas Education Health Care Worker
Chloe Tourle Cleaner /Midday Supervisor
Gareth Walker 1:1 Learning Mentor
Tina Watkins Executive Service Manager
Kay Williams Main Office Lead Administrator