Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre

Vision, Values & Mission

‘Inspire and aim high through a sense of community and togetherness’

Sixth form endeavour to live up to the ideas of the whole school motto.

Our vision:

‘To embed core teaching values of inclusion, openness and positive community cohesion whilst continually striving to improve students learning experiences and overall wellbeing. Creating a nurturing, positive and aspirational learning environment’

We are here to help students flourish and become the best versions of themselves. 


We are here to help students evolve, flourish and become the best versions of themselves. 

Students face an uncertain future full of challenges and opportunities. Developments in artificial intelligence, automation and the digital revolution coupled with climate and demographic change are likely to disrupt our economy, society and politics. 

We want our students to meet these changes with the knowledge, skills and character they need to thrive. 

Our Sixth Form can provide inspiration, expertise and support. Students need to bring the right mindset and effort. We are not expecting perfection. We are all on a journey to be the best we can be.

Whether you are thinking about moving onto University, an apprenticeship, employment or a gap year, you can be sure that you will find courses to suit, challenge and motivate at our Sixth Form. You will experience a supportive environment that encourages academic success through a variety of pathways. With over 30 courses to choose from, we provide a varied curriculum that gives you the opportunity to choose subjects you will be passionate about, succeed in and inspire others over the next two years.



We promote, encourage and celebrate qualities that are true to our values: positivity, resilience, kindness and curiosity. These feed into how we lead, behave and interact with each other. 

A key element of what makes Wyedean special is the relationship between staff and students and between the students themselves. This is a wonderful place to learn and work, where we support each other to be the best that we can be.

Fundamental to this aspiration is the delivery of great lessons through outstanding teaching and learning. This is underpinned by nurturing a caring, supportive and positive environment where we can dream fantastic dreams and know that staff will work alongside students to make them a reality.

We pride ourselves on the passion that students hold about their time at Wyedean Sixth Form and inspire students to aim high through a sense of community and togetherness. We embed core teaching values of inclusion, openness and positive community cohesion whilst continually striving to improve students learning experiences and overall wellbeing. This is supported by an excellent pastoral team, creating a nurturing, positive and aspirational learning environment. Within these values we believe it is essential to give our students the skills, guidance, support, and opportunities to develop as young leaders of the future, allowing everyone to flourish and relish in the opportunities that arise. 

We aim to develop leadership capacity within our Sixth Form that encompasses a range and wide breadth of opportunities. Key to this is developing student voice within the Sixth Form through a variety of bespoke avenues. Through our leadership opportunities we aim to develop a variety of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities for all our students.  

We encourage our students to get actively involved in leading with their own interests and sharing their skills and talents with others within our school community. Students feel they can give a little bit back and help others. Student leadership at Wyedean encourages development of confidence to take action, set goals and can ensure these are manageable and realistic, meaning they achieve their goals by inspiring and persuading others to join them. 

Within our student leadership students enjoy learning about new things – the more they learn the more prepared they will be to tackle the future. This allows them to develop higher levels of intrinsic motivation, inspire others and share a common goal. Opportunities to help build positive relationships with a variety of people and organisations within school and outside of school are valuable skills as well as developing effective interpersonal skills and communication skills. Our work can help students to achieve their goals successfully and meet deadlines essential for supporting studies at Sixth Form. Our variety of opportunities will allow for the development of self-confidence and leadership style and will support organisational skills. This will benefit students in preparing for the future, empowering future leaders for any of the many potential pathways their future may hold

Learner Agreement 2023-24



 Our mission is to:

  1. Inspire and encourage students to ‘dream big’, enjoy the present and relish their future

  2. Facilitate outstanding results

  3. Provide superb care, guidance and support

  4. Promote and celebrate qualities we hold dear: positivity, resilience, kindness and curiosity.

  5. Provide enrichment opportunities in STEAM  and develop the next generation of leaders, innovators, creators, thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs

  6. Create a sense of community and generosity of spirit 

  7. Enable students to achieve their goals 


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Information Evening- Year 13 October 2023