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Cyber Lab Work Experience


The Computer Science department was very lucky to have four students do their work experience at Wyedean School. Learning about Cyber Technology, Computer Science and Technical support.  Here are extracts from the feedback we received.


I’m just writing to say a big thank you for having me during work experience week last week. I had an amazing time, and I learnt a lot! Both my work with the technicians and my work in Miss Williams’ cyber lab were extremely enjoyable and interesting, and taught me a lot about what I should expect from a career in Computing. 

Firstly, I really enjoyed being shown how the back end of the school’s data systems work. It was really fascinating seeing the server room and the systems. I never previously knew that the school’s data system was quite so simple, yet so complex at the same time! So thank you for showing me how all that works!

Secondly, I enjoyed the challenge of some of the tasks that the technicians had to solve during the week. Some of the tasks weren’t the easiest, but we got to the bottom of all of them in the end, and I liked learning about the processes you have to go through to solve these problems.

Finally, I really liked the time that I spent in the cyber lab with Miss Williams, Billy and Francis during the week. I loved getting experience of coding on some new platforms that I had never seen before, like Cryptoy, for example, and I had good fun along the way too! I particularly enjoyed working with the Spheros, but all of it was great! I really hope that I helped contribute to the new cyber lab in some way!

The experience was great fun, but it also taught me many key learning points along the way. Some particular learning points that I learned during my experience include that I shouldn’t be afraid to admit I don’t know something and that work can often be less structured than school. So thank you for teaching me some of these key lessons! 

So, in conclusion, I absolutely loved the time I spent on work experience, both in the cyber lab and with the technicians! So I would just like to say a really big thank you to both the IT Support team and to Miss Williams for letting me have this wonderful experience. It showed me that Computing is definitely the field for me in the future.

Thank you all so much,



I gained a lot of skills such as working in a team, working independently and working to deadlines. I want to work in tech support so this was just amazing for me.  I think the most important skills I learnt were improving my coding skills out new cyber things.

Thank you

Billy Curtis


Thank you for the work experience opportunity I gained valuable experience in the world of education and computer science. From this experience I will take away valuable like skills and lessons. I have learnt a lot about Computer Science and Robotics.  In the future I either want to be a games designer or develop new and inspiring technology. This experience has helped me immensely.  I have learnt to never give up on my future aspirations.

Francis Tyler