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In music lessons students will be encouraged to develop their confidence and resilience through active learning and participation. They will regularly perform both original compositions and well known pieces. They will be encouraged to discuss and reflect upon both their own work and that of their peers. They will also have the opportunity to perform in a wide range of extra curricular groups.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students will work in small groups to develop their composing and performing skills. They will regularly perform to peers as they develop their knowledge of a wide range of musical styles and genres including12 Bar Blues, Film Music and World Music like Gamelan and Indian Ragas. Students in years 8 and 9 will also develop skills in the use of computerised music software.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students will follow the OCR exam syllabus. They will develop knowledge and understanding of set styles including Dance Music and Descriptive Music. In their work they will compose original pieces in a variety of styles. They will perform as both a soloist and a member of a musical ensemble. A listening exam in year 11 will test their knowledge of a wide range of musical genres.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 students will further develop their knowledge and understanding of both musical history and stylistic harmony. They will build upon previous work through composition and performance. They will study a series of set works from both the classical and jazz repertoire as well as composing original works in a range of musical styles.


GCSE to A Level Transition Booklet


Extra Curricular

We offer a wide and varied range of extra curricular activities for students of all abilities. Singers have the opportunity to join both the School Choir and the Gospel Choir, while instrumentalists can participate in an Orchestra, Big Band and Brass Ensemble. Students regularly perform in concerts both in the local community and abroad on European Music Tours.