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Wyedean is an academic & nurturing global school committed to
World Class C21st learning for all. We aim to turn dreams into futures.

International Learning

Wyedean has and continues to embrace and champion 21st Century innovative learning as part of raising and challenging aspirations of every student. We created three learning strands to go across the curriculum and key stages as well as to link up transition work with our primary schools. One of these strands is Global Learning. Global Learning has seen compelling opportunities in Wyedean school that have allowed students and staff to work with their peers in countries over Skype Classroom or our Moodle ranging from Canada, USA, Russia, Europe, South Africa, India and Indonesia.

Our work with partner schools Lycee Georgi Ashkai in Moldova, Lestonnac School in Valladolid in Spain and Lycee Rabelais in Meudon France, are some of our particular success stories which were recognised as such by the British Council.  As a result, we successfully achieved the International School Award in Sept 2016 and have applied for Re-Accreditation this year. We have also been involved in videos for the British Council that promote the teaching of international work in schools. These videos can be found here:

Our school’s international journey: British Council - International Journey Leaders

How we brought the world into our classrooms: British Council - International Journey Teachers

We are also a Confucius Classroom hub - we offer Mandarin lessons in school for students and as adult education lessons for parents and the local community . We have two Mandarin teachers who visit our feeder primary schools to give Mandarin lessons on a weekly basis. Latin and Critical Thinking are also part of this curriculum enrichment.

We aim to continuously develop our school partnerships for on-going curriculum development and build long-term, mutually beneficial links through programmes such as eTwinning and ERASMUS+ and Skype Classroom. As mentioned above, we have existing on-going exchanges between students in each of our partner schools, through video-conferencing, emails, podcasting and postal mail.  Our links with our partner schools have sought to enhance teaching pedagogy and staff have, and continue to gain a good understanding of the teaching strategies and resources used around the world. We enjoy sharing best practice with our host schools whilst also gaining new ideas and strategies that can be used in the global education system. Collaboration ensures that teachers are working together to meet all students needs whilst activities developing our students' cultural awareness and understanding of global issues. Through our connections with our partner schools and our involvement in international events throughout the year, both staff and students are given the opportunity to develop their understanding and knowledge of the wider world.

Our international work supports whole school improvement and creates a sense of common direction and responsibility for students and staff, via cross-curricular collaboration and use of current world events and issues. Also it further supports the development of our school ethos and cements established links with our local communities.

We have many photos, podcasts, videos and examples of our international work available on our social media accounts:




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