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Food and Nutrition

The Technology Department includes both Design Technology and Food. It aims to develop our students’ curiosity and understanding of the world around them through the products they use and the food they eat. The ‘hands-on’ practical aspects of the course serve to develop our students’ skills and confidence with both workshop processes and kitchen equipment. They find how to use equipment safely and appropriately and how to select materials or ingredients according to their specific properties and uses. 

Creativity and problem solving underpin the ethos of our design and planning work and a core part of this is studying the approach of well-known and important chefs or designers. Students are also challenged to think about their social and environmental responsibilities e.g. concerning the origin, production, use, disposal and wastage of materials, food and other natural resources.  

At KS3 students follow schemes of learning and complete three rotations; 

  • Design 
  • Make 
  • Food 

We want students to understand how simple it is to prepare their own food and to understand the impact good food choices can make on health and lifestyle. They learn about all the main food groups and their nutritional value towards a healthy lifestyle. They learn about food storage and hygiene and to think about food provenance e.g. how and where it is produced. They develop a wide range of practical skills in the kitchens preparing, cooking and presenting savoury dishes and some sweet treats.  

We hope our GCSE and BTEC courses give students an insight into future vocational opportunities and the skill, ambition and qualifications to gain positions in further education or employment. These courses lead onto AS Food Science and Nutrition, where students complete what they have learnt in more depth.  

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