Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre


We aim for ambitious and aspirational delivery of a knowledge-rich, rigorous, conceptual curriculum.

Our curriculum connects the classic with the modern as we hook the new knowledge of the traditional canon onto existing knowledge of film, modern stories and 21st century multi-media.

We create a thriving programme of homework, whereby students focus on reading as much literature as possible. 

Our stock of modern children’s literature will be read and shared more than ever in a structured fashion, and we will richly complement our curriculum with wider reading programs that include a wealth of children’s literature. Through reading, our students will have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Our curriculum will enrich students’ cultural capital and teach them explicit knowledge about how to express and deepen their thinking and communication skills.

Our curriculum is planned around sustained progress where learning is distinct from performance.

We will enfranchise our students by teaching them to read, write and speak fluently and by promoting high standards of language and literacy.


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