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 Exam Results press releases


Congratulations to GCSE and BTEC students for all that they have achieved in the most difficult of years.

WYEDEAN School and Sixth form centre is an aspirational, outward looking school, located on the edge of the Forest of Dean. Working with students and families, we achieve excellent results. 72% of Year 11 students achieved 5 grades at grade 4 or better at GCSE (equivalent of grade A** - C). 24% of our Year 11 students achieved the top grades of 7 – 9 (equivalent of grades A – A**).  

Students who take their GCSEs at Wyedean stay to take A levels because our school is in the top 10% of schools nationally for added value at sixth form. The truest measure of our success is to be found in that we add to our students’ attainment level between entry to our school to the time when they leave us for their next steps: our value-added results place us in the in the ‘outstanding’ category for A Level performance. Extra-curricular provision includes subject-specific attendance at lecture series, a partnership with Somerville College, Oxford, an opportunity to be involved with Bristol University’s Access course and entrance in a variety of national competitions.  

When you choose Wyedean, you choose an all-through secondary that will support your child through to university, employment or apprenticeship. Students who attend Wyedean experience a school that is ambitious and academic but also caring and human. We know that for children to learn, they need to be happy. Our pastoral care and SEND provision are excellent. We work with our primary school partners and families to provide a tailored system of support for those who need it. Opportunities for personal development are extensive. We run an incredibly successful Duke of Edinburgh scheme, fantastic industry opportunities via our Gold Cyber School Status, Art, Music and Drama productions, and a wide range of PE activities. 



 Exceptional Performance of Year 13 students at Wyedean Sixth Form

We are absolutely delighted with the exceptional performance of year 13 students at Wyedean Sixth form. Given that this cohort did not sit externally assessed exams in year 11 we are so very proud of how well they have fared in their formal exams. The resilience and determination demonstrated by all students across the UK is to be much admired this summer. 

This year we have returned to the exam assessment system which we have always known would be a ‘transition year’ between 2021 (when assessment was done directly by schools and colleges) and 2019 (the last year exams took place). Repeatedly this year group has ridden the COVID wave deftly and this is evident in exam results which have returned 34% of grades at an A*-A and 65% of grades at an A* - B. 

Johnathan Lane, Director of Sixth form reported that “Our results this year are outstanding. For a third of our students to achieve an A* or A is a remarkable achievement, especially in such difficult circumstances. It really has been a team effort: students, teachers, support staff and parents have worked together brilliantly to produce a set of results that we can all be proud of. The students can move on to the next stage of their journey with their heads held high.”  

Principal, Gwennan Jeremiah said, “The last few years have been challenging for all in education and we are delighted to have returned to a more normal exam experience for our students. Despite many students in year 13 not having sat any form of external assessment previously, each and every one of them rose to the challenge. Their exceptional results are well deserved, and we could not be more proud. 

I would also like to thank our staff at Wyedean School and Sixth form centre for their determination to ensure that this group of students received high quality, interactive lessons, and excellent pastoral care whether it be remotely due to pandemic restrictions or in person. Their endeavours ensured that students were able to fully experience A level and BTEC learning at its best, pandemic or not.  
















Outstanding GCSE Results

Perseverance and determination get Wyedean students the top grades

 Students celebrated outstanding GCSE results with 33% achieving results at the top grades 7-9 (A** to A grades) and 81% achieving grades 9-4 (A**- C grades). Furthermore, 79% of the pupils gained five or more GCSES grades 9 to 4 (A**-C).

 We are proud of all our students, many having made excellent progress from their KS2 starting points. Superb results were achieved, 88% of students achieved grades 4+ (A*-C) in GCSE English and 82% achieved grades 4+ (A*-C) in Maths.

Students performed well across a range of subjects, showing the variety of talent at Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre; over 80% achieved grades of 4+ in Art, Biology, Business, Sport, Chemistry, Design Technology, Drama, English Literature and Language, Food and Nutrition, Geography, Maths, Media Studies, Physics, Religious Studies, Spanish and Physical Education.  We have also seen an increase in the number of students who have achieved the English Baccalaureate. These positive results will facilitate great life chances for so many.

 To achieve these incredible results against the backdrop of the pandemic and the challenge of the repeated, new assessments that GCSE pupils faced is a wonderful achievement, we congratulate each and every student at our school.

Within this success there have been many individual performances worthy of special mention. Many students have made outstanding progress since joining Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre and have achieved the remarkable outcomes listed below:

We wish all students future success as they continue their studies study at Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre.





A-level and BTEC students continue to excel

 We are delighted to report that our wonderful students studying A-level and BTECs have once again weathered the pandemic storm and achieved excellent results.

 47% of students achieved an A* or an A, our best ever outcome. The A*- B figure was 81%, while the A*-C score was 94%. There was a 100% pass rate for both A-level and BTEC.

 Johnathan Lane, Director of Sixth form reported “The year has been challenging for so many reasons but the most significant obstacle for the students to battle through has been uncertainty – not knowing the nature of assessments they’d face or how grades would be generated. This Year 13 cohort has coped amazingly well with adversity and have excelled. They finish this academic year taking with them new reserves of resilience, independence, determination, and now fantastic grades, which will give them a great platform for the future.”

 Due to the pandemic, the standard exams process was not possible in 2021. However, forward planning and the extensive work of teachers and support staff at Wyedean has ensured that grades have been determined in a fair and considered manner. The quality assurance process has been robust and therefore students at Wyedean can be confident that their grades have parity alongside previous cohorts.  

 Notable successes are: Alex Candow: D*D*, Joe Dare: A*A*A, Corentine Dumond: A*A* A*A*A, Niall Hayes: A* A* A*, Adele Launay: A* A* A* A*, Caitlin McCullagh: D* A* A* A*, Finn  McNeil: D*D*AB, Meg Narayan: A*A*B,  Jess Pitt: D*AA, Bethany Rodgers: A* A*D*D and Tom Stenson: A* A*AB.

 Principal, Gwennan Jeremiah said, “I would like to publicly commend our students on their excellent performance at A level and BTEC. They have demonstrated extraordinary resilience and stepped up time and again to ensure that, pandemic or not, they can and will achieve their potential. We could not be prouder of them all.”


We're pleased to report that all of our students have gone on to appropriate destinations whether it be employment, apprenticeships, university, or in one case, starting a business! The most popular degree course our students chose to pursue was Art, and we had a whole range of other courses selected, including Midwifery, Law, Engineering, Journalism and Economics. Our students have headed all over the country from Durham to Southampton; Edinburgh to Cambridge. Wherever they go we're always happy to see them again! They've been a fantastic year group and we'll certainly miss them. 


Their A-level and BTEC grades have been rated Grade 1 and 2 respectively by Alps, a data analysis provider. This puts Wyedean Sixth Form in the top 1% of schools nationally for A-levels and top 10% for BTECs. A remarkable achievement. 


 Alps A level 2021 pdf version 



2019 KS4 Results




For further information please visit the DfE results tables here. Please remember that any progress figures published nationally will not include students with prior schooling in Wales at KS2.
Progress 8 (unvalidated) -0.14
Attainment 8 45.55
% of students achieving a standard pass (grade 4 or above in English and Maths) 57%
% of students achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or above in English and Maths) 38%
% of students entered for the Ebacc 23.74%
% of students that entered the Ebacc achieving a standard pass 10.79%
% of students that entered the Ebacc achieving a strong pass 7.91%
% of grade 4 or better in English 70%
% of grade 4 or better in Maths 66%