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For the week starting: 26-09-2016


Congratulations to Finley and Lyall wood who recently competed in the British Lead Climbing Championships this weekend.

Finley came 3rd and Lyall 14th in their respective age groups.
Finley was disappointed with his final result as he'd finished in first place after the qualifiers on Saturday having topped both climbs. Unfortunately things didn't go quite as well in the final climb on Sunday.

This is the end of big competitions for the year.

Finley's national level competitions this year:
BMC Open Youth Event 2nd place.
BMC Youth Climbing Series 1st place.
Scottish Lead Climbing Championships 1st place.
BMC British Lead Climbing Championships 3rd place.

Thanks for your continued support of his climbing.

Mr Dai Thomas


Wednesday 5th Oct 2016 lessons 3 & 4 (11.20am - 1.20pm).

The Sciences and Mathematics Learning Areas have invited outside speakers into Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre to specifically work with Year 10 girls who may be interested in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Science001 The interactive sessions are a unique opportunity to discuss possible STEM career options with experts in their field(s). This will mean students will miss two time-tabled lessons on Wednesday 5th Oct (one of which is probably Science). Students will be asked to catch up any missed work

Science002 People Like Me is an activity developed by a team at WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and uses a revolutionary approach which helps girls to explore their skills and strengths. The session is led by two professional scientists/mathematicians (Caroline John and Susie Jutsum). The girls will map their own personality traits, matching personality traits to STEMS jobs and will use female role models to discuss future careers and skills.

The aim is not for the girls to come out wanting to be scientists and engineers but for them to recognise their own skills and what careers are open to them.

More information can be found at https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/about-us/wise-projects/people-like-me.

Science003 Female students who have opted for Biology, Chemistry or Physics are invited to attend these sessions. In addition, more able female Mathematics students are also invited to take part.

Any questions, please email
Stuart Motson (co-ordinating Science Teacher, 3ic Sciences)

The Gloucestershire Schools Christmas Lectures: Spectacular Learning for KS3
Mon 5th Dec 10am-12pm The Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham

Science004 The Science Department have arranged an exciting opportunity for Year 8 students to attend the above event on Monday 5th December 2016.
Letters home with reply and permission slips permission slips will be issued to Yr8 students by their Science Teachers in class week beginning Monday 3rd Oct. Unfortunately, places are limited due to limited capacity at the theatre. The first 40 students to make payment will have a place secured.

Sponsored by The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, the presentations begin at 10am (after introductions) and a second presentation starting at 10.45am. Students will leave Wyedean School at 9am and return at approximately 1.20pm in time for lunch. Students will miss lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4 and will be asked to complete missing work during their own time to catch up. Science staff will supervise throughout the morning.

Science005 The presentations are as follows:

10am : What might have been: An alternative history of life on Earth

What if the dinosaurs still roamed? What would they look like and would we still exist? Embark on a journey through 600 million years of animal life with fossil-hunter, zoologist and author Jules Howard. Discover what life could look like if volcanoes and meteorites hadnt twisted the fate of life on Earth forever. Using Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection, see how blood-drinking tadpoles and tiger-like reptiles could have existed if Earths history had taken a very different path.

Jules Howard is a zoologist, non-fiction author, broadcaster and international ambassador for science. As well as writing regularly for The Guardian and BBC Wildlife Magazine, Jules appears regularly on TV, including BBC Breakfast and Channel 4s Sunday Brunch. In the last five years, Jules has worked with 100,000 pupils across the UK, encouraging careers in science including palaeontology, zoology and genetics. So far in 2016 he has brought his unique cock-eyed sense of humour and wonder to audiences in the US, Canada and the UKs major science festivals, including The Times Cheltenham Science Festival.

10.45am Engineering For Life: From Cradle to Grave

How can engineering let us see inside ourselves, make our lives safer, and push the boundaries of science? From nappies to car safety, engineering affects every part of our lives. Find out how engineers are working to improve our quality of life from before were even born in this interactive, demo-filled adventure with Zoe Gamble from Science Made Simple.

Science006 Watch a live ultrasound scan, discover how engineers can 3D print a new hip joint, and even how we can preserve our bodies after death. Can you solve our 'magic trick' and could you be an engineer of the future? Zoe Gamble is a Science Communicator for science made simple. She travels the UK and abroad, bringing science to life with live science shows, making the topic engaging and entertaining whatever the audiences age or knowledge level. She is a regular contributor on the radio and has presented science videos for BBC Bitesize. Zoes favourite thing is to inspire people in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

It is suggested that students bring a snack or drink with them as there will be no refreshments available.

Tickets are free to the school, but we are asking for the cost of transport to be paid for by students. If your son or daughter would like to go on the trip, please complete the reply slip on the letter issued to your child and return to the school Cash Office. Payment of £10.00 can be made online, in cash or with cheques payable to Wyedean School.

Any questions, please email motsons@wyedean.gloucs.sch.uk
Stuart Motson (co-ordinating Science Teacher, 3ic Sciences)

For the week starting: 15-07-2016

Sports day Today (15th).

Starting at 9.30am all students to come in PE kit. Parents welcome to come in and watch. A reminder if its hot can students should ensure they have a hat , water and sun cream.

Students in year 8 : A £10 payment for the Bristol zoo trip is needed ASAP. Payments can be made at the cash office or online.

If your child has lost any items in school please ensure they check lost property before the end of term. All items will be disposed of at the start of the summer holiday.



Former Headteacher, John Claydon, very kindly compiled a history of Wyedean School to go on our website as a way of connecting Wyedean to its past and to give a sense of how we got to here as a school. Anyone who has pictures they can share it would be great to get them displayed illustrating times gone by.

Wyedean School and Sixth Form receive nine new bench power units from Magnox.

Above: Wyedean School and Sixth Form A-level Physicists Matthew Trail, Caitlyn Powell and Rhian Player with one of the nine Bench Power Supplies paid for by Magnox.

The Science Department are thrilled to announce that Magnox have donated £945 to pay for nine AC/DC variable power supplies for use in Science across all Key Stages. The bench power supplies are vital to supply safe electrical power for A-level practicals, GCSE Electricity and KS3 topics. Stuart Motson (3ic Sciences) said: “We are very grateful to Magnox for their incredible generosity. This gift enables us to equip our labs with the very best possible apparatus and ensure that practical, hands-on Science learning is maximised right from Year 7 to Year 13”.

Oldbury Closure Director, Mike Heaton, said: “At Magnox we are committed to supporting our local communities. We were happy to help Wyedean School who provided us with a perfect opportunity to encourage participation in STEM activities at school. The power station at Oldbury has always supported local projects and we will continue to do so during our decommissioning phase.”

This is yet another innovative example where a local business has supported Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects) at Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre. Wyedean is always on the lookout for opportunities to engage with local employers and bring Science to life in the real world and improve our superb GCSE, Biology, Chemistry and Physics A-level results even further.

Plastic bottle tops requested for Science Display.

Inspired by the brilliant Wyedean School and Sixth Form Creativity Festival, over the Autumn term the Science Department and KS3 students are going make two colourful displays using plastic bottle tops. We will be asking students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to vote for which two scientists they would like to make the display about.

Student choice ranges from Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Jane Goddall and others

We will need thousands of clean coloured plastic bottle tops which will be attached to large wooden boards and attached securely to form large, bright, bold images of the two chosen scientists. These will be put up on the wall in the Science corridor near S6. Please collect any colour plastic bottle tops over the summer and bring these in to Main Reception.

Many thanks. Stuart Motson (3i/c Sciences) and Chris Jones (Physics).

For the week starting: 4th July 2016

Gloucestershire County Council has launched a new portal to enable parents and carers to apply online for Free School Meals. This is a quick and efficient way to apply. Please contact
pupilbenefits@gloucestershire.gov.uk or telephone 01452 425390 if you have any queries.

Wydean's Road to Rio.
Students are going to invited to compete with or against staff across of range of Olympic events from Monday 11th July - Thursday 14th July during lunchtime.

West End Workshops: The West End Workshops based upon the musical "Wicked" will take place next week on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July. Students involved should have received all information they need. If anyone has lost their information they need to see Mrs Allard on Monday to confirm on which day they will be working with the leading lady (Michelle Pentecoste) from the London production of the show.

1. x30, Yr9/10 Languages leaders successfully achieved their Foreign Language Leader Award this week, having been teaching Yr 6 at Offa's Mead since January. Huge congratulations to all involved!

2. Mandarin will finish in school from Weds 6th July - it has been hugely successful this year - we have done so much re; Mandarin and China that Confucius Institute are looking to make us a Confucius Classroom in the Autumn term. It has already finished in Adult Education.

3. Due to the quantity of international activities that Wyedean School has offered in lesson time and celebrated throughout this year, we have applied for the International School Award - we should hear within 6 weeks if we have achieved it!

Wyedean student Kate Connolly has asked me to pass on her thanks to all students at Wyedean for the amazing support she has received from the whole school. She writes:

"I cannot express how much your help will impact on my life."

She has received some amazing news; a surgeon from London, Mr Marcus Reddy, saw her on-line appeal and has agreed to waive his fee for the operation, in return for being able to use her as a case study. This means that Kate now has enough money for her operation to go ahead. This will mean the world to her and her family.

I'd like to extend a message of thanks to all students who have helped us in our efforts to redecorate the Sixth Form building. There's much to be done but with your help we've made an excellent start. Thank you in particular to Matthew Dare, Isabel Chamberlin, Holly Payne and Ieuan Griffiths for their excellent painting skills!

We've had 10 applications for our positions of Head Boy and Head Girl and are looking forward to their presentations next week. All the best to Kate Connolly, Sophie Jones, Coral Smith, Molly McGuinness and April Howard for the girls, and Sasha Sharpe, Matthew Grindle, Matthew Dare, Terris Prottey and Sam Brown for the boys. Their suggestions regarding how to improve Sixth Form still further are most welcome.

Sixth Form students have been encouraged to undertake extra- and super-curricular work in preparation for their personal statements. We had an excellent tutorial whereby students were taught the finer points of writing exemplary statements. These can be worked on over the summer ready for submission in the Autumn Term.

We're very much looking forward to having our New Year 12 students in for Induction Week, starting on Monday 4th July. The week will be enjoyable and stimulating in equal measure, I'm sure.

John Lane
Director of Sixth Form.

For the week starting: 27-06-2016

Urgent: Information is needed for the coach passenger list for students travelling on the Battlefields trip. Students who have not yet been to see Mrs Perry need to do so as soon as possible and bring their passport number and expiry date.

Year 9 will be assessed next week - revision materials are available on ShowMyHomework. Teachers have shown students how to access this.

The full rehearsal for the forthcoming Music Tour will take place on Sunday 26th June from 12.00pm until 6.00pm. ALL students involved in the tour should be attending this rehearsal as follows:

12.00pm: All singers in both the Choir and Gospel Choir
2.00pm: All instrumentalists for the band rehearsal
4.00pm: EVERYONE going on tour
5.30pm: Parent’s Information Meeting

It is anticipated that, by the end of the day, the programme for the concerts in Italy will have been finalised. We will be performing the concert TWICE before we go on tour. The first concert is on Wednesday 13th July at 12.30pm in St Mary’s Church, Chepstow, and the second is on Thursday 14th July at 8.00pm in St Mary’s Church Lydney. Everyone involved in the tour is expected to attend these concerts if possible as it will enable us to have two final “dress rehearsals” before we leave. All parents and friends are welcome at both concerts. There are no tickets - simply a departing collection.

For the week starting: 17-06-2016

The English Department have been pleased to host enrichment workshops for Key Stage 3 students with teacher trainees, as part of our strengthening partnership with UWE. Last Friday a group of our most able Year 7 and 8 students explored the concept of the Victorian novel; this Friday a group of high attaining Year 9 students will investigate Shakespeare as a way in to GCSE. These immersion projects have been a tremendous success and something we would like to replicate in the future.

We will be having a Literacy and Numeracy fair- All KS3 welcome as well as any prospective Wyedean students from KS2! Thursday 23 June 4-6:30 in G15.


Please book by the end of June to ensure your child’s preferences are matched with tutors

For those wanting to kick-start a brass instrument, up to 3 days are FREE OF CHARGE thanks to funding from Ty Cerrd


Carnegie Shadowing results party in the library on Monday 20th June.
Literacy and Numeracy Fair on Thurs 23rd (you probably have that one already)


Only 24 days left (as of writing) until Work Experience
Well done and thanks to the vast majority of students and parents that have been able to secure a placement and complete all paperwork. Speaking to tutors, the remaining students are mostly sorted with a placement. It is critical now that these students submit the paperwork ASAP. I am happy to email this again directly to parents if it helps, email me here if you need them sending again – pillingm@wyedean.gloucs.sch.uk .
By the end of next week, students that have not secured placements and returned paperwork will not be able to participate and be offered alternate provision here at Wyedean. Please remember that school, nursery or family supervised placements will only need the main booklet filling in and signing by parent and student, along with the insurance details of the placement business. Once this is with us, job done! Students will have two preparation tutorials and a specific assembly before their placements and will then have the opportunity to review and celebrate their experiences on their return. We are all looking forward to hearing the stories and seeing them glowing with their boosted confidence and self-esteem!

Mr Pilling


Mrs. Fudge has emailed all Year 10 students Revision materials for the forthcoming Chemistry C123 and Physics P123 OCR Mock GCSE Examination (Wyedean email account)

Well done to the Year 9 students (pictured below) who went to Cleeve School to take part in the Bloodhound SSC rocket car completion – Go to WyedeanScience Twitter for more details, film and photos. Sephrenia Canty (9E) and Bethany Garland’s 9E Lightning Car recorded an incredible maximum speed of 68.06mph!

For the week starting: 31-05-2016
School Uniform Policy 2016 Amended starting September 2016

From September 2016, New Year 7 Students must wear:
  • A burgundy polo shirt with school logo (no other polo shirt may be worn) or a white collared shirt/blouse (no logos)
    A black or burgundy v-neck Wyedean school jumper - Wyedean school cardigans in the same style also available
    Plain black trousers or plain black skirt, approximately knee length with black or tan tights
    Flat (heel approximately no higher than 1" / 2.5 cm) black shoes or smart trainers (no logos or additional colour)

    School ties and scarves are available but not compulsory

    This will then be phased in for Years 8 - 11 starting September 2017

    Students are NOT permitted to wear:
    Hoodies, alternative jumpers or cardigans
    Jeans or leggings
    Boots/high heeled shoes
    Coats or hats inside the school building except in corridors
    Jewellery; including nose studs, rings and bracelets - one small stud in each ear is allowed
    Subtle nail varnish colours, no extreme hair colours/styles and subtle make up is permitted

    School Equipment Policy
    Students must have:
    A pencil case containing a pencil, black pen, green pen, rubber, ruler, scientific calculator, simple geometry set and highlighters. Year 7's are advised to have a bi-lingual dictionary (Spanish/French) for foreign language lessons, we recommend Collins 'Easy Learning' dictionaries. Some equipment, including scientific calculators, can be purchased during school hours from the cash office.

For the week starting: 31-05-2016
For parents of Y10 students:

The final instalment for the battlefields trip is due on 10th June and is £115. Please make cheques payable to Wyedean School and hand them in to the cash office. You may also pay online. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that each student will need a passport and a European Health Insurance card to go on the trip. I will need to give passport details to the travel company by July.

Thurs July 9th June 2016 Yr9 Science Trip to Cheltenham Science Festival £12 payment requested to cash office or online on or by Monday 6th June. See school website, Facebook, Twitter or ask Mr. Motson for more details.

Science revision ideas for Yr11: B456 C456 P456  http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/science/add_ocr_21c/

Youtube - type "OCR Additional revision B4" to find sites like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcRTGEjW27w

DocBrown website - details of Additional Science Specifications http://www.docbrown.info/page20/ocr21stindexAS.htm

CGP apps for tablets, smart phones etc. https://www.cgpbooks.co.uk/apps_info £1.49 each - good for learning key facts

In March, and again this week Mrs. Fudge has emailed all of Year 11 powerpoints of the Key Information to revise B456 C456 P456

For the week starting: 23-05-2016
One of our Year 12 students who requires an operation which is not available on the NHS is currently fighting to raise £7,000 for a crucial operation. The student is living with Chronic Gastro-Oesophaegeal Reflux Disease (GORD). This disease is debilitating and makes the typically pleasurable experience of eating a source of pain and embarrassment. We are holding a non-uniform day on Friday 27th May, when students can wear non-uniform for the payment of £1.00, which will go to help our student raise funds for this operation.

There will be a maths breakfast revision session on Thursday 26th May (before the maths exam) from 8:15am for last minute hints and tips. All students welcome.

A library trip to Hay on Wye literary festival on Fri 27th, and the Carnegie Shadowing book group on Tuesday 24th.

Letters have gone out regarding the GCSE Spanish trip to Barcelona next year to current years 9 and 10.

Year 11 maths revision will be switched to Wednesday next week because of the GCSE exam on Thursday.

All Year 7 and 8 students will be sitting an assessment after half term - revision materials will be given to the students.

Year 11 Science Revision Guides still available from the Cash Office £3. It's not too late!  Plenty of great B456 C456 P456 OCR Additional Science revision resources on GCSE Pod, BBC Bitesize and YouTube. Good luck to all our excellent Science candidates this summer.

In addition to GCSE Pod and our revision booklet, we would recommend
http://www.mrallsophistory.com/revision/ for podcasts. Relevant topics can be found on the GCSE dropdown menu

Product Design - Year 11 revision.

Hospitality and Catering. Unit 2 past papers.

For Maths GCSE Revision.

For maths Revision:
Pixl app: www.mathsapp.pixl.org.uk
Mr Barton Maths: http://www.mrbartonmaths.com
MyMaths: www.mymaths.co.uk
Hegarty Maths: www.mathswebsite.com
Corbett Maths: www.corbettmaths.com

For Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 Geography Revision.

GCSE Spanish/French Revision
BBC Bitesize

Useful revision sites for Media Studies GCSE revision:

For the week starting: 16-05-2016
Two of our students have won a place with the English Youth Ballet during the Summer. Elisha Burke, Year 12 and Leia Thomas, Year 9, will be performing in 'The Sleeping Beauty' at the New Theatre, Cardiff in August. Promises to be an excellent production, well worth a visit!

Monday 16 May:  Science GCSE Revision after school - all Year 11 welcome S1 and S2 with Science Staff 3.30 - 4.30
Tuesday 17 May:  Science Club "What's Under the Microscope" lunchtime S6 with Science Staff and Technicians
Tuesday 17 May: CORE SCIENCE and BIOLOGY GCSE G15, P18, P19, MR1, MR2 13:15 1h 00m 14:15 Science: Biology & Core OCR A161 Biology A Modules B1, B2, B3: Foundation and Higher
Thurs 19 May: CORE SCIENCE and CHEMISTRY G15, P15, MR1, MR2 09:15 1h 00m 10:15 Science: Chemistry & Core OCR A171 Chemistry A Modules C1, C2, C3: Foundation and Higher

NB: Calculators needed by all students for every Science lesson and every Science examination.

Wednesday:  Foundation revision with Mrs Carnegie in P2
Thursday:  Foundation revision with Mr Moss in M4
Thursday:  Higher (C-B) revision with Miss Rossiter in M3
Thursday:  Higher (A-A*) revision with Mrs Goodman in M2