Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre


Download the Wyedean teaching staff structure HERE

TEACHING STAFF ...and their role. Alphabetical order by surname.

First name Surname Post Learning Area
Pat Allard Music Teacher Creative Subjects
Rachel Barbato Teacher of English and Humanities English
Paula Bartlett Teacher of English and Latin English
Sam Bishop Deputy Director of Sixth Form & DT Teacher Applied Learning
Mark Brooks 2i/c Applied Learning Applied Learning
Alison Buss ICT Teacher Applied Learning
Sandra Carnegie Maths Teacher Maths
Natalya Cavaciuti MFL Teacher Social Studies
Vicki Chaffe Art Teacher Creative Subjects
Angharad Churches Media Teacher Applied Learning
Siobhan Clark Art Teacher Creative Subjects
Jane Collins Art Teacher Creative Subjects
Phil Conridge Social Studies Learning Area Lead / VLE Social Studies
Janine Cooper Art Teacher Creative Subjects
Laura Crum RS Teacher/Head of Year 9 Social Studies
Sarah Dalton Assistant Principal External and Liaison Leadership
Emma Dawson English Teacher English
Neil Davies 2 i/c Creative Subjects Creative Subjects
Katya Delahay English teacher / Head of Year 11 English
James Didcote 3 i/c Science (joint) Sciences
Lee Durbin 3 i/c Maths (temp) Maths
Robin Durston 2 i/c Science Science
Vicky Durston Geography Teacher Social Studies
Sue Dutson Learning Supervisor Applied Learning
Brian Ellam Music Teacher Creative Subjects
Rob Ford Principal Leadership
Nic Fudge Science Teacher Sciences
Ben Gibson DT Teacher Applied
Sophie Symons Humanities Teacher Social Studies
Gaynor Goodman Maths Teacher Maths
Sara Greener Drama Teacher Creative Subjects
Andrea Greenslade History Teacher Social Studies
Gary Greenslade Science Learning Area Lead Science
Caren Hayward Psychology Sciences
Martin Jenkins Vice Principal Pastoral – Partnership and Wellbeing Leadership
Gwennan Jeremiah Assistant Principal Curriculum and Timetable Applied Learning
Anna Jones RS Teacher/Head of Year 7 Social Studies
Chris Jones Science Teacher Sciences
Simon Jones Creative Subjects Learning Area Lead (Acting) Creative Subjects
John Lane Assistant Principal Director of Sixth Form Social Studies
Kate Lewis 3i/c Applied Learning Applied Learning
Liz Lewis PE Teacher Sciences
David Lloyd Science Teacher Sciences
James Male Maths Teacher Maths
Melanie McGrath Maths Teacher Maths
Lucy McManus 3 i/c English, Teacher of English and Latin English
Louise Morgan PE Teacher Sciences
Ben Moss Maths Learning Area Lead Maths
Stuart Motson 3 i/c Science (joint) Sciences
Marie Murray DT & ICT Teacher Applied Learning
Clarisse Olivier Psychology/Sociology Teacher Sciences
Sabrina Ortner Core Skills Lead Practitioner – English, Teacher of English and Latin English
Melissa Perry 2 i/c Social Studies & History Teacher Social Studies
Matthew Pilling Business Studies & ICT Teacher / Careers Lead Applied Learning
Emma Price Business Studies & ICT Teacher Applied Learning
Lucy Roberts Teacher of English and Latin Lead Teacher English
Natasha Rossiter 2 i/c Maths Maths
Paul Rowe 2 i/c English, Teacher of English and Latin English
Tom Rugg Science & Geography Teacher Sciences
Claire Rush PE Teacher/Head of Year 10 Sciences
Dennis Sarfo-Asante Mathematics Teacher Maths
Rebecca Simpson 3 i/c Social Studies MFL Global Learning Social Studies
Carina Smith Associate Assistant Principal English
Julie Smith 3 ic English, Teacher of English and Latin English
Louisa Steel Head of Vocational Learning, Business Studies and ICT Applied Learning
Cari Sullivan Head of Inclusion / Dance Teacher SEN
Dai Thomas PE Teacher/Head of Year 8 Sciences
Non Van den Braak Science Teacher Sciences
Rob Wagland Senior Vice Principal – Teaching, Learning and Assessment Leadership
Gwenda Watson Teacher of MFL and Latin Lead Teacher Social Studies
Emma Williams Applied Learning Area Leader Applied Learning
Sarah Wilson Assistant Principal Assessment Leadership

SUPPORT STAFF ...and their role.
Surname Post
Nick Andrzejuk Main Office Admin Assistant
Kieran Baskerville Café Apprentice
Kevin Beddis Mini Bus Driver
Jamie Blake Intervention Mentor
Karen Blatchly Midday Supervisor & Cleaner
Sally Broom Finance Officer
Rosanna Brown Canteen
Steve Brown Operations Manager
Chris Bryant ICT Technician
Michelle Bushell Canteen
Julie Carver HLTA & Learning Mentor
Piera Cassettari Governor Support Officer
Helen Clancy Student Support
Rex Cooper Minibus Driver
Gareth Creed Intervention Mentor
Steve Davis Caretaker
Christine Davies Learning Mentor
Mel Dex-Davies Leadership Team Executive Officer
David Drummey Caretaker
Gemma England Canteen
Kate Evans Student Support Manager
Maureen Farrell HLTA
Susan Felton Careers Advisor
Linda Fowler Midday Supervisor
Rhys Fowler Midday Supervisor, Cleaner & Key Holder
Angela Friel LRC Manager
Ken Gabb Design Technician
Stacey Guy Midday Supervisor & Cleaner
Kate Heaton Exams Officer
Lisa Hicks Learning Supervisor
Jodie Howells Vice Principal Finance and Business
Suzanne Howells Exams Manager
Victoria Hurst Learning Supervisor
Diane Isles Cleaner
Sharon Jerrum Assistant Catering Supervisor
Susan Johnson Food Technician & Cleaner
Lisa Jones Data Assistant
Sharon Jones Midday Supervisor & Cleaner
Alma Judge Student Support
Emma-Louise Kedward Learning Mentor
Wendy Lee Finance Office
Tracey Long Intervention Mentor
Katie Macer-Wright Science Technician
Michelle Mayo Canteen
Leslie McGinty ICT Technician
Kath McRoberts Cash Office
Aruna Mills Community Co-ordinator
Lorraine Morgan Data Manager
Jill Peebles Catering Manager
Kath Phillips Canteen
Sarah Phillips Senior Science Technician
Susan Pow HLTA & Learning Mentor
Tina Powell Canteen
Lisa Schofield Student Support
Sandra Sopp Attendance Officer
Ann Stacey Main Office Admin Assistant
Tessa Stanger Design Technician
Maureen Stephens Student Support (Sixth Form)
Ruth Stevens Learning Supervisor/MFL Teacher
Marika Strnkova Science Technician
Lisa Thomas Education Health Care Worker
Tina Watkins Main Office Manager
Kay Williams Main Office Lead Administrator