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Wyedean School has a large and thriving Sixth Form and we are happy to accept students who are willing to embrace our ethos. In order to study A Levels and BTECs at Wyedean Sixth Form, students must meet our entry requirements of five A*-C grade GCSEs, including English Language and Maths. Certain subjects have different, specific entry requirements; details of which can be found in the Curriculum Information section. Students will be expected to study four subjects in Year 12, and allocations to subjects are done on a first come, first served basis.

WYEDEAN SIXTH FORM ETHOS: "Aspire together, achieve together."
Our ethos means that we expect our students to work hard, show independence and participate in the wider life of the school and local community. A key element of what makes Wyedean special is the relationship between staff and students and between the students themselves. We expect students to be tolerant, thoughtful, respectful and well-mannered at all times towards staff and each other. We offer a caring, supportive and positive environment where students can dream fantastic dreams and know that staff will work alongside students to make them a reality.

• Inspire and encourage students to ‘dream big’, enjoy the present and relish their future
• Enable students to achieve their goals
• Facilitate outstanding results
• Stretch and challenge all students
• Provide superb care, guidance and support
• Offer an enriching experience that generates debate, enquiry and broadens horizons
• Create a sense of community and generosity of spirit.


Wyedean Sixth Form's A level results National Average
A*- B: 56% A*- B: 52%
A*- C: 82% A*- C: 77%
A*- E: 99.4% A*-E: 98%

Our comprehensive ethos means that we are passionate about stretching and challenging all students regardless of ability and background. Some of the ways in which students are encouraged to push themselves include Academic Tutorials, the Extended Project, TEFL courses, the 15/10 Society and links with Oxbridge; details of which follow below:

Wyedean Sixth Form is proud to offer Oxbridge-style Academic Tutorials to our students. The programme is voluntary and offers the students the unique opportunity to be pushed and challenged in the same way that students are challenged at Oxford and Cambridge universities. Here are some examples of the questions set:
• 'All drugs should be legalised'. Discuss.
• 'The SNP caused the Conservatives to win the 2015 General Election.' How far do you agree with this statement?
• 'The Great War was the most important cause of the February Revolution in Russia'. Discuss.
These academic tutorials not only prepare our students for the tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge but also encourage our students to think on their feet, justify their opinions and deepen their general knowledge.

As another way of stretching our students, Wyedean Sixth Form also delivers the WJEC Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ requires students to pick a topic of their choice and either write a 5,000 word essay on that topic, or produce a smaller essay and artefact related to it, like a photography project or short film. The EPQ topics can be related to any particular interest. Students last year produced a diverse range of work including essays on the French Revolution, Orwell’s 1984, women’s contribution to mathematics and whether the Football Word Cup has benefited Brazil.

Each student undertaking the project has a personal tutor and one lesson a week in addition to their independent research. The EPQ is placed in every option column so that all students have the opportunity to undertake the qualification alongside their other subjects. It is graded in the same way as A levels, is worth UCAS points and is highly regarded by university tutors as it provides a good grounding in research, writing extended essays and working with less supervision.

Wyedean Sixth Form is delighted to offer a two day course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) alongside studying A-levels. The qualification costs £164 and is delivered at the school itself. The course runs in July and provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain an extra qualification and prepare themselves for the possibility of earning whilst travelling.

The 15/10 Society was created to offer specialised support and tutoring for those seeking to attend the most prestigious universities and competitive courses. Such students require extensive levels of extra- and super-curricular experiences to draw upon to discuss in their personal statements and interviews. Many of our students have very high aspirations but become intimidated by the application process or under-sell their experiences and skills. It is our job to ensure that such students are stretched, challenged and fully prepared to embark upon their chosen path. The 15/10 Society is also suitable for those students who wish to stretch and challenge themselves academically and to develop their skills of analysis and critical thinking.

Who should join? Students who are aiming for outstanding results in all areas: mainly A*- A at GCSE and straight As at A-level. It is probable that such students are intending to apply to Oxford or Cambridge and/or medicine, veterinary science or dentistry.

Our Sixth Form is fortunate to be attached to Lady Margaret Hall College, at Oxford University. The college provides support with applications, informal advice and arranges visits in the summer term for students who are interested in applying to Oxbridge.

Wyedean School is well known for its excellent pastoral care and the provision in Sixth Form is no different. Each student will have their own tutor, access to a school nurse and counsellor. We pride ourselves on having warm, friendly and supportive relationships with the students and this encourages a sense of openness and them feeling valued as individuals. No problem or issue is too trivial. Life can be difficult and complicated between the ages of 16 and 18 and we’re well aware of the challenges. The students know that the Sixth Form staff’s doors are open and the kettle always on.

We organise Taster Days and an Induction Week for those who have made an application. This enables students to decide whether the school and subjects choices are right for them. We set Bridging Tasks over the summer holidays so that Year 12 students can ‘hit the ground running’ with their learning in September. Everyone who applies will receive a guidance interview so that we can support students with making the most appropriate subject choices.


Mr. Johnathan Lane, Director of Sixth Form and Assistant Principal. lanej@wyedean.gloucs.sch.uk

I have taught at Wyedean since 2005 and have been involved with leading and co-ordinating the Sixth Form since 2007. As Director of Sixth Form, I am responsible for the transition, progress and pastoral care of all those in Years 12 and 13. As well as my role in Key Stage 5 I am also a teacher of History and Politics.

My aim is to make sure that students flourish, enjoy their time in Sixth Form and are looking forward to a life beyond school. Central to this is ensuring that students meet or exceed their academic targets, develop relevant skills and gain valuable experiences for the next stage of their lives. I intend to stretch and challenge our students, intervene when they need more support, and provide extra-curricular opportunities that develop skills and broaden horizons.

Miss. Samantha Bishop, Assistant Director of Sixth Form.

I began teaching at Wyedean School in 2013 and have had experience in developing and supporting the Sixth form since 2015. As well as my role within Sixth Form I am an experienced teacher of Design and Technology, specialising in Product Design. As Assistant Director of Sixth Form, my main responsibilities include supporting the Director of Sixth Form in the development of quality pastoral and PSHEE provision and interventions across Year 12 and 13. In my role, I aim to build on the ‘community feel’ of the Sixth Form by encouraging active involvement within the school and locality. I believe fostering creativity and collaboration within the cohort through the form of leadership groups to be a valuable experience. Providing enriching experiences through the tutorial programme will provide an insight into employability skills and will prepare students for life after Sixth Form.

Mrs. Maureen Stephens, Academic Mentor to the Sixth Form, stephensm@wyedean.gloucs.sch.uk
I started at Wyedean in December 2014 after a long career at Gloucestershire College, based at the Forest of Dean Campus.

My role is to support the students in Years 12 and 13 to ensure they develop the necessary independent study skills to enable them to achieve their goals and progress to the next stage of their lives, whether this is to university or into employment.

The key aspects of my role are to monitor students’ progress in each of their subjects, so that they stay on track and achieve the best grades they can; to offer help with study and revision skills and to monitor attendance and punctuality, to ensure students are taking full advantage of the opportunities available to them.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular groups on offer through our Enrichment programme. The programme runs on a Wednesday afternoon and groups are run by teachers, outside volunteers and the students themselves.

These groups provide students with the opportunity to develop existing interests or to try something completely new. The extra-curricular groups include: the Student Newspaper Team, International Team, Events Team, Amnesty International, Charity, Wider School Community, Mentoring, Art, Fashion and Design, Drama, Music and Dance, Sport, Students' Campaigns, Environment and Sustainability.

We have recently established a partnership with University of Wales, Cardiff. The link means that our Sixth Form students will have access to bespoke HE days, subject-specific Taster Days and 'Masterclass' sessions on particular courses. These opportunities will be of immense value to our students in their quest to improve their education and move on to the next stage of their lives.

Every fortnight we organise a presentation from an outside speaker to inspire our students and get them thinking. Lectures recently have involved talks on law, advertising, apprenticeships, and most notably of all, from Baroness Royall, as part of the Peers in Schools programme

We feel strongly that this trip should be made available to all, not just to History and RS students. We run the trip biannually and stay in the cultural jewel of Poland: Krakow. We use the city as a base to experience Polish culture, its Jewish heritage and, most hard-hitting of all, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Each Wednesday our students are given a moral or ethical question to ponder and debate within their tutor group. It’s important that students don’t just focus on their narrow studies but instead think of themselves as citizens and to engage with the latest developments.

Our tutorial programme consists of an hour’s study every Tuesday morning. The sessions are designed to prepare students for the next stage of their lives but also to encourage a sense of debate and enquiry. This year we’ve run sessions on free speech, whether social media is generating a new misogyny and the factors that lead to extremism and radicalisation.

Our students, with support from staff, organise a number of charitable events and voluntary schemes events that 'give something back' to our community and fosters a generosity of spirit within the school. Examples of which includes:
• Donations to Bristol Children’s Hospital
• Mentoring Key Stage 3 & 4 students
• Volunteering at Penguins Nursery
• Volunteering at Offa’s Mead Primary School
• Shoe Box Appeal