wyedean School

Aspire together, Achieve together
Adfecere pariter, Perfecere pariter


The Maths Team Vision for you at Wyedean is we intend to...

Equip you - to provide the mathematical skills and knowledge needed for you to meet the challenges of studies, work and life.

Enlighten you - to provide insight into the inherent beauty and worth of mathematics.

Enrich your understanding – to deliver an experience of mathematics to you that will promote your engagement, enlighten your understanding and equip you for future challenges.

Key Stage 3

We use a scheme of work based around the 'LEvEL UP' text books but enriched with investigational tasks and maths rich activities. We focus on strengthening your Number skills, developing an understanding of Algebra, deepening your appreciation of the craft of Geometry and showing you how to apply the powerful tools of Data Handling.

Key Stage 4

From the middle of year 9 onwards we start to prepare you for the AQA Linear GCSE. We will aim to provide you with the best path through your exams to achieve your potential. There will be opportunities to study more challenging content through the FSMQ in Additional Maths and more diverse maths through the Statistics GCSE.

Key Stage 5

At AS/A2 we offer a conventional Pure and Applied A level course. Alongside the 4 core modules students can take Mechanics or Statistics Modules. These compliment studies in Physics, Engineering or Sport Science and studies in Biology, Geography and Business.

We also offer an AS in Use of Maths which is a more practical, portfolio based approach to maths at this level and Further Maths.

Extra Curricular

We aim to enrich your maths' understanding and enjoyment through competitions like Make 24 and the UK Maths Challenge. We will enable you to become Maths Leaders who help deliver special events to our primary partners.